Science Isn't Scary - It's All Around You

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Many people think science needs to be hard, or boring, or complicated.  That's not true at all.  Science is exciting!  Sadly, enough people have had bad experiences with terrible science teachers that they've missed the chance to discover the amazing things that exist in the world around them.  The end result of this is a society in which scientific literacy is not prized.  In days past, figures like Richard Feynman, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye brought science to the public.  However, nobody has stepped up to continue their proud tradition.  Even the specialty networks like Discovery or The Learning Channel would rather broadcast shows about ice loggers or ancient aliens than actual science.  Today, we are stepping up.  We plan to make a series of videos about everyday, accessible science.  The average person might not care about Quantum Thermodynamics, but would probably interested to know how their fridge works.  There will be an Indiegogo campaign starting very soon.  If you feel that our cause is one which interests you, any contribution you are able to make would be helpful and will not go unnoticed. Our Indiegogo campaign page can be found below.  Otherwise, any promotion you are able to provide, be it through Facebook, Twitter, or even word of mouth would be very much appreciated.